Top 5 accessories to have this fall/winter

Hey you lovely people wazup and how are you all. Hope y’all are doing great and how was halloween guys hope you all enjoyed it and speaking of halloween its november guys, only two months left for 2017 to end and then winter is almost aproaching and if you are wondering what accessories to get this season, these are my top 7 access accessories to have this season.

You aren’t fall ready if you dont have boots which is a must have accessory for fall and winter. When it gets chillier everyday you know what’s gonna keep you warm yet chic. You can wear them with your favorite denim or dress. You can even have different types of boots like ankle length booties to thigh high booties.

Fall and winter fashion is all about looking cozy, warm and chic and you can just simply do that by wrapping a scarf around your neck.

Nothing is cuter than sporting a beanie which gives an outfit a very casual or that laidback kinda look. It can also be used to cover your head if you are having a bad hair day. 

Black handbag 
To make your look very stylish and chic black handbag is a must and you can carry all your essentials in it while you head out for work.

Cross-body bag 
Cross-body bag is a huge trend right now and i am seeing it all over instagram and it has got me obsessed. You can easily carry all your essentials in it while you head out for shopping or hangout with friends.

Faux leather belt 
This is another piece of accessory that’s gonna make your outfit look so put together, even a very plain looking outfit too! 

So now you know what accessories you should be having to totally look fab this season. I hope you enjoyed the post and also cozying up in this cold cold weather 😁😁. So see you all soon. Until next time.




My obsession with cute hair accessoriesΒ 

Hello loves, how are y’all. I hope you are having an amazing week. Today i am back with another post, in which i’ll be showing you my collection of cute hair accessories from none other than Claire’s. I mean seriously they have the most cutest accessory collection you can ever find and i just love its collection. I’ve been buying my hair accessories from Claire’s from a very long time and i just cant get enough of their collection and feel like buying the entire store, LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Not just the hair accessories but i also get my jeweleries and other accessories too from Claire’s. So here’s my collection.

This lovely golden studded bobby pin from Claire’s is just perfect for a simple yet chic look.

These hair ties from Claire’s is my favorite to just throw my hair into a pony.

These are my black color bow which i totally love to rock with most of my street style look or sometimes even for a glam look too πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

Aren’t these denim bows so freaking cute and i love wearing them for a casual day out with my friends.

I wear this cute little bow from Claire’s with most of my dresses to get that elegant look.

So i hope you guys love my collection of bows from Claire’s, i love Claire’s sooo much they have the most cutest accessories ever. 

So i’ll see you soon in my next post. Until next time.



Review of l’oreal paris go 360Β° clean

Hey guys, how are you all doing, i am doing excellent and i hope you are having an awsm week. And i am back with another review post for this amazing product.

Yep its been so long i have’nt done a product review, so you might have understood which product i am going to review that is l’oreal paris go 360Β° clean deep facial cleanser for sensitive skin.

Just recently bought this facial cleanser as it claims to even remove blackheads and dead cells from your skin. So starting with its really interesting looking packaging it comes in a white bottle with a blue silicon face scrub attach to the lower half of its body and have a hole there to make the silicon scrub to attach itself on the bottle. The face scrub is in an oval shape with thin bristles to remove blackheads and dead cells and small round ones to give a little massage to your skin maybe i guess πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

The face scrub felt so soft on my skin and really felt like massage while cleansing with it. The cleanser is white in colour which you just have to pour it on to the silicon face scrub and start scrubbing on your face gently for 3-5 minutes especially your nose and chin where you can get blackheads and whiteheads. Then all you need is wash your face with water and pat dry with a clean towel and you can see visible difference on your skin.

So after using this i immidiately noticed my nose was free from 95 % of blackheads and almost looked clear with just a little bit here and there. So i recommend using this twice or thrice weekly if necessary.

So what i like about this product is that it can remove dead cells and blackheads from the skin by being gentle to the skin and without causing any sort of irritation to the skin as it is for sensitive skin (ad many products for sensitive skin may cause irritation) and it even good for exfoliating dead skin cells from your skin  and also made my skin really soft and glowy. Its comes in a very practical and easy to use packaging.

The only thing i didnt like about this product is that you need to actually scrub a bit harder and longer for the blackheads to exfoliate from the skin and it doesnt exfoliate the blackheads from the roots that is from inside the pores as the blackheads starts to appear after a like 5 hours after using it. So that’s why i would recommend washing 2-3 times a week for a complete exfoliation. So i would say it is a good product and would recommend everyone to use. 

So thats it for for this amazing product review, i hope u find this review useful and enjoyed it too so have an amazing day and take care, i’ll see y’all next time.



Saying hello to fall wadrobe

Hello lovelies, how y’all been and i am good, i know i am slacking off again on posts but trying, so guys im so sorry πŸ™.

So guys 2017 is coming to an end and its time to welcome 2018 real soon and i wonder how many of you guys are actually still continuing with the resolution you made for 2017 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. So with so much less time left for 2017 comes the season of fall. Its that ti.e of the year when its time to stock up some warm and cozy outfits to work your way up from this transitional season to winter. So in today’s post i will list out some of my fall favorites suitable here in india.

Light embroidered sweater

As in india fall and winter are not very cold, this lightly knitted sweater with embroidery will be just perfect outfit for indian fall.

Denim fur jacket

This denim jacket looks so cute with all the fur and keeps you cozy and comfy.

Ribbed turtle neck full sleeve top

This is just a perfectly light weight knitted top which is perfect for indian fall.

Cropped sweatshirts

Whether you are hitting the gym or the road this is the most coolest looking piece.


This would totally compliment with the previous outfit on the list πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.

Leather mules

This footwear is so in vogue right nowits totally perfect for this fall and you can totally take your street style game up a notch this season.

Classic ankle lenght boots

Well this classic piece of footwear wont seem to go anywhere soon even this fall too as these boots make a lot of outfit so put together. 

Knitted skater dress with thigh high boots

Wanna take your streetstyle quotient up this season ? Look no further as this black skater dress with a thigh boots is a look which is not gonna disappoint you.

Long denim jacket

This denim jacket will be totally perfect if your place has the least chilliest temperatures.

Shirt dress with thigh high boots

As we have entered this transition season you can style your look by having one light weight clothing with another piece which can keep you warm.

Leather jacket

If you think you’re gonna wearing your t-shirt or your favourite top a classic black leather jacket’s got your back for sure.

So guys i hope you like my curated faves for this fall and might wanna take some inspiration. And let me know which look you like the best. 

So guys until next time.



My thoughts on the Rihanna’s fenty beauty

Hello again guys i am back to tell you guys my thoughts and speculations on the fenty beauty makeup line by Rihanna. The singer has just launched her makeup line 5 days ago and the world just went crazy for it as i came to know that within 3-4 days many of her shades went out of stock especially the shades for the brown and african skin and even the shades closer to my complexion has already ran out both online and in stores…. i mean isn’t this just insane. 

So here’s what i think of all the products from the line


The first step to get that fenty face is to use the pro filt’r primer and according to the reviews by the beauty gurus that i watched on youtube they showed the packaging of the primer and it just look so amazing and classy with that glass bottle with matte texture. They said the primer had quite smooth and hydrating texture. When applied to their skin, it seemed to blend out so well they were quite impressed by it and prepped their skin pretty well. So i think this primer would work just amazing for oily to combination skin but for dry skin i think applying moisturizer is a must and it suits every complexion even though it is slightly tinted but not too much which is ideal for application on all the skin types.

After you have prepped your face to put the makeup on its time to put this amazing foundation that riri’s gonna swear by from now on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The most amazing thing about this foundation is that it is made to give you that natural looking makeup you could possibly wear and riri launched like 40 different shades of this foundation (how amazing is that) so that women of every colour can now have their perfect match. The foundation seemed mattifying and is said to be sweat proof and yet not cakey which i liked about it so much and is full coverage and it blended on their skin so easily with both brush and beauty blender which i think is really awesome even though a beauty guru was told not to use beauty blender but brush cuz the foundation dry out quickly but she went on to apply with a beauty blender and even then she managed to put it on just perfectly. They where really impressed by the foundation a lot.

Now what i am going to talk about is the literally pure awesomeness, yea the match stix trio and the most amazing thing about it is that its the most handy stuff you’ll have and its literally what you can just throw in your bag on the go. This match stix trio includes the matte skinstix which is the concealer, then the shimmer skinstix which is the blush and the contour stix. So what i saw in the reviews is that the packaging of the three skinstix which is really an interesting thing these are like roll up stick with a hexagonal shape and the material is magnetic so that the three stix can just stick together along with any sides of its hexagonal edges just how cool is that guys and the product in them is equally amazing too. 

Matte skinstix
So the first product that is to be applied from the match stix trio after the foundation is the matte skinstix concealer. This concealer have a very creamy texture and glides easily on the skin and blended very well on the skin with both the beauty blender and brush and the beauty gurus were really impressed by this bad boy too.

Contour skinstix

The next step is to contour using the contour skinstix which is the next product the match stix trio. It also has a very creamy texture which is good for oily skin as it will be easily blended out and some youtubers used the portable contour and conceal brush to blend out for both concealing and contouring and they didnt had any complaints for this baby too and these contour and conceal stix comes in fifferent shades to match every complexions and i think it will be great for everyday usage too.

 Shimmer skinstix

Then i liked this product too very much this is the kinda blush you would be totally addicted to and have really amazing different shades. This too has a very creamy texture which helped in easy and get a soft blush on the apple of the cheek it can be blended with brush or fingers too. The shades that i saw would totally look gorgeous on indian skin tone too so if you get to buy these dint think twice just buy it.


This right here is gonna be the highlighter of your dreams i mean you wouldnt get a highlighter this badass just like the bad girl Riri herself. Man when i saw the swatch of these highlighter it just stole heart especially the shade trophy wife which is the metallic golden colour highlighter which is so pigmented and was super sparkly and when they all put it on their high points of their faces to highlight i was literally speechless by seeing how well this highlighter gave that glimmery shine to their whole makeup look. I think most of the shades would look just awesome on indian skin too and if possible i would wanna buy the shade trophy wife for sure.

Now its time to finish of the makeup with some lip gloss, the gloss bomb lip luminizer which is an absolute must have for all you ladies. Whats special about this lip gloss is that it is universal lip shade which will match every lip colour and complexion. It has a little bit of pinkish tint and is translucent and have a very good texture. It is not really very sticky and have a really good consistency and it had a delicious smell literally like fruits as many of the youtubers mentioned. So this lip gloss can be your go to product for your everday makeup look as it can give you that dream no makeup makeup look cuz this shade is perfect for getting that nude lip. 

So here i end this fun review as my take on riri’s fenty beauty by watching the youtube reviews alone. I hope her makeup line would work wonders on you all if you happen to get your hands on these amazing products and create your dream no makeup look. I so wish Rihanna had launched her amazing brand in india too so that i could have reviewed it after trying it for real and show you guys how it actually worked on my skin too. Anyways much luv to my bad girl cuz i know she would bring her brand to india too. So untill next time. 



Riri’s fenty beauty is here

Hello guys, hope you all are doing great and i am back for another exciting post. As you guys all know Rihanna just launched her first makeup range fenty beauty on 8th sept. and the all the makeup lovers around the world just went crazy for it, afterall thats Rihanna’s makeup line 😍😍😍😍😍. Everybody was really excited for it’s launch and i was really hoping she would launch it in India too but she didnt πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” but she launched it in 17 different countries at Sephora stores but the rest of the world can buy the products online from as it ships internationally πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. 

And guys i’ve still didnt got got my hands on those babies even though i can order from the online store coz i totally suck at choosing my shade of foundation (and she launched like 40 different shades of foundation and 20 different concealer shades for every complexion and that made it even more harder for me to choose πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘) and concealer thats why i so wished she launched her products here in India too so that i can buy them from sephora itself. 

Its Rihanna’s vision brought to life as she wanted to create a makeup line which would suit on women of every complexion.  She wanted create a line which is inclusive of every complexion of all races and culture. Her line is basically created to give that matte look which riri usually prefers herself so this would work really awesome on oily skin and also pretty much on combination skin too like i have. 

Her makeup line has pro filt’r instant retouch primer, pro filt’r longwear foundation, match stix trio, killawatt freestyle highlighters and gloss bomb universal lip illuminize. 


So as unfortunate as it could be for me to try some of these products for myself i thought why not watch some honest reviews from the beauty gurus themselves in youtube. Well they were excited enough to do the review the day they bought their goodies πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Even i was equally excited to know how fenty beauty would work on them and i basically watched like multiple review videos of beauty youtubers of all complexions- african, asian, brown and fair to really see if it does what it claims. So after watching those review i had my own thoughts and my speculations for the products. These are the review videos you can watch to know how it worked for different girls of different complexions.

So guys i would conclude today’s post on fenty beauty here and in the next post i would be giving my thoughts and impressions on Rihanna’s makeup line.

Product review for LakmΓ¨ Absolute blur perfect makeup primer

Hey lovely ladies how is your day going. I hope its going awesome. So for this post i am gonna do a product review for you guys. I have been using this product for a while though. 

So the product that i am talking about is lakmΓ¨ absolute blur perfect makeup primer. As you all know how important it is to apply a makeup primer before applying your foundation on to get a perfect skin surface to apply your makeup on and to keep your makeup intact. 

This makeup primer comes in a nice black color packaging which looks really great which contain the black colour tube. This primer is a bit tinted and its texture is very smooth and its light weight. It totally blends on my skin perfectly after applying the moisturizer. It makes my skin totally prepped for the application of foundation. It makes my skin really smooth and gives a really even texture to my skin which is ideal for a flawless makeup application. While applying this primer it really felt awesome and my makeup came out to be just amazing.
Well as much as i love this product there are few downside of it. As a good makeup primer it should make the makeup to stay but a moderate application of the product does’nt work coz during humid and hot temperature when its sweaty, the makeup totally smears of and skin becomes oily. So more amount of product is required to prep your skin, only then i have noticed the makeup to last even when its a little hot. 

So guys i hope you guys found this post helpful and give you a good insight about this makeup primer.

So guys until next time, i hope you enjoyed.